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B Dec 30, 2016
D Jan 31, 2018

Our little Daisy-Flower. How tragic and sudden your death was. How grossly unjust and unfair.

At 2am on Jan 31st, Daisy was behaving perfectly normally. Sayo had been outside checking on everyone and Daisy was eating grass, he reached down and gave her a pat and headed back inside.

At 3am, Sayo was about to head to bed when he noticed a couple of joeys staring off into one direction. He flashed the torch and didn’t see anything, but then another joey stood up and looked over. Sayo headed into that direction, and there he found Daisy, lying on the grass motionless. He scooped her up, she was struggling to breathe. He lay her on a dog bed as she stopped breathing and tried to resuscitate her, which worked momentarily. Sayo bought her into the house then raced to get Rae out of bed, before returning to Daisy, who died in his arms shortly after at 3.15am, just as Rae entered the room.

Perfectly healthy and thriving joey Daisy, who was 13-months old, tall, strong, and weighed 9.5kg was dead. Just like that. Daisy was destined to be the matriarch of the O-Mob, a group of 11 joeys aged 11-14 months old. Suddenly, she was gone.

Daisy arrived directly into care with us when she was just 2.1kg, after her mother was killed by a car on August 23, 2017. She was the second to arrive after Ollie, and made an ideal buddy for him. She was much braver than he, and surprised us when she happily guzzled the second bottle of milk we offered her and was hopping out of her pouch and lazing on the grass within a few days of arrival. She was super confident and loved her life here, settling into her new world with us almost immediately.

She and Ollie both loved their dummy, and she loved nothing more when in her pouch, than to angle her head in a very particular direction, waiting expectedly for her dummy. Even as an older joey she found comfort with it, and we continued to provide that for her.

Daisy and Ollie were close, but when Mars arrived, well he just adored Daisy and would follow her everywhere exploring and hopping through the bush together.

We had no option but to request a necropsy on Daisy – we had to understand why this beautiful healthy girl died so suddenly.

Daisy died of trauma. The vet described it as though she’d been hit by a car (not possible), but that her injuries (including direct to the heart) suggested she’d been either kicked by, or collided with another kangaroo – or perhaps one accidentally landed on her whilst she was laying on the grass. We’ll never know for certain, but we did get closure on her untimely death.

Thankfully she would not have been in pain for very long at all, given we know she was perfectly fine an hour prior to her death. She may not have even known what happened to her, and for that we are grateful.

We must thank Hannah, who adored Daisy, and gave her so much attention. A big thank you also, to her sponsors (she was a popular one), Lynne, Kate, Peter and Joanne.

Rest now my beautiful little Daisy-Flower. A wonderful life, taken too soon.


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