Our Friends

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We gratefully acknowledge the following organisations, people or businesses, who support us either financially, or with donated services and products. Our work would not be possible without them! A huge thank you to:

The Angel Fund

The Angel Fund exclusively sponsor joey Angel, who we named after them. We thank Ayesha, Nada and Tony for their encouragement and support for our work.

Casey’s Beach Veterinary Clinic

Dr Sean Harrison and Dr Beth Miller must be acknowledged for providing great care to many wildlife in our region. We personally thank them for consultations provided and all the support and consistent help and advice via email from Sean – he’s a legend. Our rescue cats are also clients of this wonderful practice.

Fresh Promotional Products Australia

Every year Fresh Promotions allocates 20% of their marketing budget to support Australian charities and community groups. Thanks to Fresh for donating our lapel pins which we sell to raise money for our work and give to our sponsors and volunteers

Moruya Veterinary Hospital

Vanessa is a vet nurse at Moruya Vet, and a wildlife volunteer herself. If she’s at work, we’ve taken joeys there for consults, knowing Vanessa’s wealth of wildlife knowledge will be a great asset in helping determine a problem. We’re so grateful to Vanessa for being one of our friends and supporters.

The Pet Grocer

Janine & Jason operate a unique pet store in Melbourne, and have supported our work with both wildlife and domestic animals since day one. We thank them for their donations of products and for donating to us monthly via the Wild 2 Free sponsor program. THANK YOU GUYS!

Southern Cross Wildlife Care

Glenda and Dr Howard Ralph do incredible work saving the lives of animals who would potentially face euthanasia otherwise. If it can be fixed, Dr Ralph will fix it. Their hospital is not something we take advantage of, we will only go there to request their valuable time, resources and knowledge if there’s no alternative and we believe an animal’s life will be saved as a result.

STAR Stitchers

STAR Stichers provide joey liners and pouches to registered wildlife carers in need all over Australia. They were the first point of call when our house burnt down and we had no supplies. Not to worry – a huge package arrived soon after and the joeys were warm and cozy thanks to them.

Wildlife Rescue South Coast

Sayo cares for wildlife under license by Wildlife Rescue South Coast. A wonderful organisation who support us with knowledge and and through whom we’ve made wonderful new friendships. Their volunteers are dedicated and their phones operate 24/7 to rescue native wildlife.

WIRES NSW / WIRES Mid-South Coast

Rae cares for wildlife under license by WIRES and belongs to their Mid-South Coast Branch. Through WIRES and the local branch, we’re supported with milk expenses for the joeys rescued by WIRES members.

Sponsors & Supporters

We also acknowledge and thank the following people, whom without their support, things would certainly be more difficult financially.

W2F Monthly Sponsors or Exclusive Joey Sponsors
The Angel Fund; Joanne Delany; Johns Family; The Pet Grocer
Joey Sponsors
Abbey Ashton; Abby Strachan; Angelica Carlson; Amarandi Barrett; Anastasia Staudacher; Angelica Carlson; Anthony Petruzio; Bart Mangan; Brooke Wemyss; Denise White; Felicity Nicholls; Georgia Collins; Kathryn Seavey; Krissy Martin; Laura Kelley; Lauren White; Lawrence Bredhauer; Leigh Gillard; Lindsey Coutts; Lynne Gillam; Margaret & George Park; Margi Wemyss; Martha Polomka; The Mills Family; Nat Gruin; Peter Sharp; Rebecca Coughlan; Robyn Hayes; The Smith Family; Stefanie Krisch; Stephanie Retana; Susannah Collins; Tania Goldspink; Tracy Poland; Yvonne Birkle
Monthly Donators
Andy Hook; Jennifer Allan-Cummings; Kathryn Seavey; Michael Devery; Paula Rose; Robert A Mendieta; Shawna Surrelle; Walda Kolbo Green; Yana del Valle; Yury Khablyuk
Thanks also to all whom have donated items for our use, given one-off donations, or supplied items for us to auction online. And of course, to our incredible volunteers – your dedication and help is invaluable.