Our Friends

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We gratefully acknowledge the following organisations, people or businesses, who support us either financially, or with donated services and products. Our work would not be possible without them, particularly since the NYE 2020 Bushfire. A huge thanks to:

Casey’s Beach Veterinary Clinic

Dr Sean Harrison must be acknowledged for providing great care to many wildlife in our region. We thank him for the many consultations provided and all the support and consistent help and advice via email from Sean – he’s a legend.

Club Draws

Club Draws run a weekly raffle, giving away $2,000AUD cash every single week! 50% of the proceeds for anyone signed up via W2F, is paid to us every single week. Knowing we have these funds and can rely on them, enables us to plan better and ensure we’re providing animals with the best of care and everything they need.

Oysters Clothing

Oysters donate 10% of net profits to animal charities around the world, using the national animal as the featured print on the clothing. In Australia, Wild 2 Free was the chosen charity for Australia’a kangaroo. What an honour! Head over and grab yourself one of their superb hoodies and support wildlife at the same time. Win-Win

Resonance Tea

Try the beautiful herbal teas from Resonance and support wildlife at the same time. $3 from the profit of every product sold goes to supporting 3 Wildlife Sanctuaries, including Wild 2 Free.

Southern Cross Wildlife Care

Glenda and Dr Howard Ralph do incredible work saving the lives of animals who would potentially face euthanasia otherwise. If it can be fixed, Dr Ralph will fix it. Their hospital is not something we take advantage of, we will only go there to request their valuable time, resources and knowledge if there’s no alternative and we believe an animal’s life will be saved as a result – and the life is usually saved of course!

Tame & Wild Studio

Animal photographer Peter Sharp, donates his time and talents several times a year. He drives all the way from Sydney and stays a few days at a time, capturing quality photos of the animals for our use. Many of his photos adorn our website and are sent to joey sponsors. Our calendars mostly feature his work.

Therian Animal Solutions

Therian are the Australian Distributor for Kuranda Dog Beds. The extra tough & durable shelter quality beds we use for the joeys and kangaroos here. After our old dog beds died and we ran a Winter Appeal to raise funds for more, Therian also got on board with a big discount and provided a couple of freebies, enabling us to ensure all beds were replaced, along with comfy canvas toppers. After the fire, they helped again, providing freebie bits and pieces to aid us in recovery.

Wildlife Rescue South Coast

Wild 2 Free founder Rae is also an authorised wildlife carer with Wildlife Rescue South Coast. All members are dedicated volunteers and their phones operate 24/7 to rescue native wildlife, from Kiama all the way down to the Victorian border. If you find wildlife in need of assistance, please call 0148 427 214 (north of Batemans Bay) or 0417 238 921 (south of Batemans Bay). You can also head to their website: Wildlife Rescue South Coast.

Sponsors & Supporters

We also acknowledge and thank the following people, whom without their support, things would certainly be more difficult financially.

Major Supporters during the Bushfire Crisis
ARC (Animal Rescue Cooperative); Channel Nine Willoughby Staff; Emma Hurst (Animal Justice Party); Faircase; FIRE AID (John Butler Trio, The Waifs, San Cisco, Stella Donnelly and Carla Geneve); Fundacja Centaurus; Kontra K; Level Up Studio; Lush Charity Pot Grants; Mark Sherman Law; Pet Stock; Reachout Worldwide; Rodney Fenwick; Together Rising; Wildlife Rescue Rockhampton; Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast
W2F Monthly Sponsors
Brooke Wemyss; Joanne Delany; The Johns Family; Lawrence Bredhauer; Relax Me Online
Joey/Mob Sponsors
Alex Dunkley; Amarandi Barrett; Anthony Petruzio; Auri Gabel; Benjamin Suthers; Bing Li; Brett & Kate Ryan; The Campion Family; Carol George; Cheryl Bedalla; Chiara Lodi; Colleen Wilson; Elaine Johnson; Fay Bannah; Felicity Nicholls; Gillian Watson; Hamzah Abdullah; Hartson & Tracy Poland; Janett Schilling; Jennifer & Stefanie Krisch; Jennifer Mannens; Karen Bachelder; Karen Trafford; Karina Kuhl; Kathryn & Laura Seavey; Krissy Martin; Kylee Smith; Laura Kelley; Lauren White; Lynne Gillam; Margaret & George Park; Marilyn Johnson; Melissa Rottura; Monique Rusin; Nadine Reichlin; Nat Gruin; Nicole Masterson; Peter Sharp; Rachel Marsden; Robyn Hayes; The Smith Family; Susan Nemeth; Suzanne Hamel; Thanyaroj Rojanathanes; Tracy Kamar; Yvonne Birkle
Monthly Donors
Advocates for Surrogacy; Agnieszka Więcek; Aleksandra Petrovic Fabijan; Alice Puleo; Andrea Zampella; Andrew Grabski; Andrzej Kampka; Andy Hook; Angela Pollard; Anne Spiteri & Robert Hogan; Astrid Rodricks; Avalon Sperring; Bettina Hollis; Carol George; Christine Goodwin; Colleen Hodgson; Corey Manning; Emily Tatum; ER Barton; Hayley Persson; Heather Holmes; Ines Woberschal; Jeanne Thurbon; Jonathan Mills; June Schiller; Karen Bennett; Karen Wollmer; Katie Bird; Kriselda Burnett; Kristine Ashton; Laura Taylor; Lavonne Wilson; Leisa Moore; Margaret Park; Maria Petruzzelli; Meg Cherry; Merryl Humphreys; Moira Taylor; Nancy Montero; Patricia Berry; Paula Rose; Rhondda Field; Ronna Kay; Rosemaree Loane; Ruby Mason; Sandra Warner; Sarah Leheny; Sharon McCormick-Smith;  Stephanie Hockley; Suellen Long; Tassie Treen French; Uta Vandercappelle; Verity Roberts; Wendy McCathie; Yury Khablyuk
Thanks also to all whom have donated items for our use, given one-off donations, or supplied items for us to auction online.
And of course, to our incredible volunteers – your dedication and help is invaluable.